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What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is utilised to record and measure your electricity usage at home and sends the information back to your electricity provider remotely. The accessibility of smart meter prevents the hassle of having a meter reader visiting your home and conducting a manual reading. In addition to that, smart meter also allow electricity providers to measure the power quality at your home and notify your electricity distributor when an issue like a power outage occurs. Even though they serve similar functions as traditional energy meters, smart meters are designed with improved technological features that benefit your electricity use at the same time.

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The advantages of installing a smart meter at your home

Not only do smart meters provide reliable and consistent information on your energy usage, they also allow you to make informed decisions about your electricity use through the following features and benefits:


1. Accurate measurements

Smart meter systems provide an accurate reading of your electricity usage throughout a particular period. Some providers would even provide close to real-time information as part of their reporting services.


2. Accessible and detailed information about your energy usage

Most electricity distributors display the history and data of your energy usage on accessible online websites or applications. Learning more information about your daily energy consumption may be helpful in tracking your habits and managing your electricity usage. Not only will you reduce your electricity bills, but you will also prevent electricity overloads, improve energy efficiency in your home, and reduce your carbon footprint.


3. Efficient issue detection

Smart meters allow your electricity providers to monitor the quality of your electricity supply. As a result, they can detect power outages more quickly and identify any connection or service issues more effectively. This benefit effectively minimises the likelihood and duration of electricity supply outages in your home.


4. Shorter processing times

Smart meters allow electricity providers to access your data remotely, enabling them to execute any change or procedure more quickly and efficiently.


5. Better security system

The smart meter systems enable the providers to identify and locate any tampering and the risks that it may pose to other people. In addition, this improved system guarantees the privacy and security of any information that travels through the grid.


Frequently asked questions about smart meter installation in Australia

1. Are smart meters safe for use?

All smart meters are manufactured to comply with the electromagnetic exposure limits developed by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency. For extra reassurance, the Australian state and territory electrical safety regulators have reviewed their existing arrangements to guarantee the safety of smart meter installations.


2. Does it cost more to install and use a smart meter?

On the contrary, smart meters allow your electricity distributors to lower their operating costs and provide better services. Keep in mind that each retailer has different payment methods - you may have to pay a monthly fee or top up as you go.


3. Should I expect a power interruption during installation?

During the installation process, your electricity supply will be interrupted for a short period of time; but your provider usually gives out a 4 business day notice. You should expect your provider to restore your electricity supply as soon as the installation process is completed.


4. Is there a privacy policy that protects my smart meter data?

The information drawn by smart meters provides a comprehensive insight into your electricity usage, but there are restrictions that ban the use of your data for sales or marketing purposes. In Australia, your energy data and personal information are protected under the National Electricity Law and the Privacy Act 1988.


5. What should I do if I’m having issues with my meter?

Your electricity provider is responsible for the meter at your property, so it’s best to reach out to your provider for assistance if an issue or fault occurs. However, there are occasions where you need to contact your distributor instead; for example, during a major blackout or a problem with the electricity pole.


6. Contact Hood to install a smart meter at your property

Are you looking to install a smart meter in your home? Trust our years of experience in the electricity and gas connections industry to connect you with a reliable provider in Australia. We also offer support in urgent electricity connections for anyone looking for same-day installation. Contact us with your inquiry, and we will assist you as soon as possible.

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