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ShareHome Economics 101

Having housemate battles over chores in your sharehouse. This will answer all your questions to deliver a fair and reasonable outcome.

If you live with housemates, you’re all too familiar with this situation. You come home from a long day at work to find dishes in the sink, a bathroom yet to be cleaned, wet clothes in the dryer, and a stack of bills needing to be paid.

Now - when facing such a home it’s all too easy to think that it’s someone else’s fault. Sure, you left some dishes in the sink - but they were soaking! PLUS you’ve taken the bins out two whole weeks in a row.

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When you ask your friends to do their part, they’re more than likely to say something similar. Sure, they forgot to do X but they already did Y.

What we have here is a classic breakdown in communication.

Everyone needs to pull their weight, pitch in, and lend a hand. The trouble is that not all jobs were created equal. If you’ve scrubbed the toilet bowl to perfection, your housemate will have to do more than wipe down a bench. And so, in the interest of Share-Home-Economics and the disinterest of passive aggression, we present to you now...


ShareHome Economics 101

Chore Brownie Points / 5 Beers
Bathroom Clean 5 6
Vacuum of the House 3 1
Backyard Clean-Up 4 2
Lawn Mowed 3 0
Bins Out / In 1 0
Kitchen Deep Clean 4 2
Living Room Tidy 2 0
Bills Paid 5 1
Plumber Organised 5 1
Meal Cooked 2 3
Post-Dinner Dishes 1 0
Supermarket Run 0 0
Dishwasher Unstacked 1 0
Doing Someone Else's Laundry 5 6

Sharehouse living is constantly changing and we want to be updating this list on the regular. If you have any disputes going on in your sharehouse send them to us for a Brownie point & Beer evaluation.

Tag us on @hood.ai_official and we'll share your evaluation on our IG story.

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