Moving to Sydney, one of the most relaxing cities in the world

Sydney is Australia’s thriving economic hub, full of beautiful architecture, world-famous landmarks and incredible diverse cultures.

So, you’re moving to Sydney! Already excited? Yeah, you must be! I remember the first time I went together with my family to Sydney, we spent most of our days sitting in the botanical gardens, having lunch near the Harbour Bridge and looking at the Opera House. All that we wanted to do was relax.

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Over the years, we’ve visited a few times, exploring it more and more with each visit. Yes, Sydney does it have it all! With incredible beaches, world-class entertainment, education facilities and great career prospects, there’s everything you need to live in comfort, health, and happiness. It’s warm and sunny most of the year, on the weekends (and many weekdays for that matter), locals flock to the sea to surf, swim, and crack open a beer.


Sydney is famous for its beaches and world-class surfing. Worth visit Bondi Icebergs after you settled down in your new hood.

Here’s what you need to know about moving to Sydney so you can quickly settle into your new lifestyle.


Living Costs in Sydney

Sydney is Australia’s most expensive state capital (and one of the most costly cities in the world), so you can expect to spend slightly more. And, like any of the major capital cities of Australia, you’ll be spending more in the inner city than you will in the outer suburbs.

On the other hand, Sydney has the best job opportunities in the country. With a strong economy and a diverse range of industries – from corporate headquarters to medical care, hospitality and tourism to construction and the public sector, there’s something for every worker.

Sydney Skyline. Don’t miss the marvel sunset when you finished your work.


Rental prices have fallen to 2013 levels in some areas of Sydney, meaning tenants could save up to $25,000 a year if they can lock in a 12-month lease.

How much you can save, depends on where you live, according to SQM Research, which tracks the asking price for rental properties across Australia.

Across the whole of Sydney, the average weekly rent on a three-bedroom house has fallen from a high of $711 on February 11 to $646 on May 20 this year.
One of the best ways to share the costs of renting is to find a private room or advertise for flatmates. Two excellent websites are Flatmates and Flatmate Finders. On both sites, it’s a simple process of finding like-minded people to share with, via personal profiles and individual requirements.

Living at Northern Beaches you will get a coastline of fantastic beaches, from Manly Beach all the way up to Palm Beach.

Buying Property

Sydney’s property market is complicated. However, house buyers with plans to hold their future properties long-term may be in a strong position to nab a bargain in the property market despite COVID-19, some experts say.

If you’re willing to commute when you need to get to the city, or you’re looking for a more suburban lifestyle, Sydney’s suburban hinterland is vast. The northern Hornsby region, Parramatta and Blacktown in the west, or Miranda in the south all offer the local essentials and much more affordable property.

One such suburb that you should be keeping a close eye on is Blacktown. Ideally positioned just 34 km west of the Sydney CBD and just 10 minutes’ drive to Parramatta, Blacktown makes a solid investment and is a suburb that ticks plenty of boxes.


Getting Around Sydney

Okay, Sydney definitely has the worst traffic in Australia. Don’t try leaving the city during peak hour. No chance! The average commute in Sydney is around 71 minutes, the highest in the country. Owning a car can actually be a liability at times, as many inner-city apartments don’t have parking.

Make sure to leave Sydney CBD in time. Commuting by car is the most challenging part.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a change in NSW transport journeys. People are transitioning to a digital working-from-home. The ABC News has analysed NSW Transport information, and data from Google, which shows how people in different suburbs are moving around the city after the coronavirus pandemic changed the way we live.

It has revealed people in more affluent suburbs are staying home more, and using ferries and other public transport less, while people in Western Sydney are commuting more and staying home less.

If you are occasionally commuting and want to avoid Public Transport or owning a car, then you can consider car-sharing such as Goget, Carly, Uber and Co.

In Sydney many locals are starting their days early, seven days a week: an early morning surf is good for your physical and mental health and will save you a lot of time

Moving to Sydney is a great choice. It is one of the most chilled cities in the world. While some cities are just crowded and busy (cough Berlin, Paris, London, cough) Sydney’s message is always to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather at the beach, sit in the park or at a bar with a pint beer with your co-worker.

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