HOOD & Mission Australia partnership: helping vulnerable families

HOOD partners with MA, providing comprehensive support to vulnerable families & helping the homeless individuals in finding affordable housing

HOOD is proud to announce a partnership with Mission Australia – an integrated nationwide service that helps people find safe and affordable housing, supports disadvantaged children and families, empowers troubled young people, assists people with mental illness and disability, and much more.

With the launch of HOOD’s AI-powered chatbot in Australia, we’ll be be donating $50 to Mission Australia for every electricity connection made through one of our Energy partners using HOOD’s service.

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“At HOOD we believe in the power of technology and that we can do some good with it,” says Tommy Fraser, HOOD CEO.

“Our technology provides users with a better moving experience and through that we can provide those vulnerable people with an opportunity to move on with their lives too — in partnership with Mission Australia.”

The HOOD chatbot has launched on the Messenger platform and via hood.ai. Movers will be able to organise their utilities connections, removalists and moving helpers; set a moving budget and get automated reminders about key moving tasks.

Moving services have depended on long, repetitive phone calls, juggling email replies and dates written down on scraps of paper for too long. Making the HOOD interface an AI-powered chatbot means our users will be able to twiddle away on their phones, and have their move sorted in a matter of minutes.


Our partnership with Mission Australia also makes doing good easy for HOOD’s customers. Energy connections made through HOOD’s platform will be met with a $50 donation from HOOD, which goes directly to supporting Mission Australia’s work with disadvantaged communities.

“Mission Australia is proud to partner with HOOD,” says Mission Australia State Director for NSW, VIC and ACT.

“Thanks to the ongoing generous contributions from HOOD and their customers, we can continue our vital work towards ending homelessness and supporting people and communities in need to thrive.”

With the existing donations HOOD has made to Mission Australia, we’ve already managed to put the money to good use:

  • With help from HOOD, Mission Australia assisted a mother named Yindi* — struggling to find work during the COVID lockdowns — by paying for a moving service to help her and her two-year-old son get settled in a new apartment.

  • Stuck in an abusive relationship, with her partner in total control of her finances, Meghan* felt completely trapped. When she reached out to Mission Australia, they were able to help her move into a safe new accommodation of her own, and furnish the apartment with essentials like a bed, a couch and somewhere to eat. Now that she’s been able to regain some control over her life, Meghan says she’s excited about her future.

*Names have been changed to protect identities

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