When you are moving home, chances are you have been to the suburb a few times. But living and becoming a local in a new hood is always a bit different.

To help you settle in your new suburb, we have introduced our local search feature to HOOD via our virtual assistant on Facebook Messenger. We think our new feature is a great way to help you discover shops and local services your new HOOD.

“Living in a new community means more than just a wave and a smile at your neighbour. Businesses are the heart and soul of our communities. As a way to help people find the new local cafe, school or closest bar in their new hood, we wanted to introduce a feature into HOOD that is linked to your moving activity” says Tommy Fraser, HOOD’s CEO.

“More so we want to hear from people about their favorite local places, we’ll promote as many as we can so more locals can discover everyone’s favorite local business and support local businesses across Australia.”


How does local search work?

If you want to find the nearest Italian restaurant in your new hood, type ‘find my nearest Italian restaurant.’ HOOD displays the business listing sorted by the closest to you, the contact details to make a booking, and directions via Google Maps. You can also find essential services, for example, banks, ATMs, grocery stores, and pharmacies.

You can try HOOD for free by finding us on Facebook Messenger.

If you’d like to share your favorite place – cafe, bar or barber/hairstylist, don’t be afraid to slide into our DM’s on Instagram or #myhood on your next post.


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