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We're launching HOOD in Melbourne - our vibrant and diverse home turf. Let's navigate these challenging times together!

We’re here to help you move

Like all cities around the world, Melbourne is facing a challenging time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. What makes Melbourne special is that it’s our home turf, and the HOOD team cares a lot about this amazingly vibrant, diverse, and inspirational city. We are launching in Melbourne in a tough time for all of the world, but we feel it’s the right time to make a move.

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Besides the fact that Melbourne has the best coffee on the planet, it’s also one of the most liveable cities in the world. Its laneway culture is rich, vivid, and exciting, and it also has an amazingly creative and innovative start-up community. It’s a place where anyone can find a little pocket to call home, and with that, the city is full of people looking to take a chance to explore new areas and new opportunities.

Moving is stressful, and we can relate because we’ve all moved a lot. We’re championed by our CEO, Tommy Fraser, who has moved over 30 times in his life, and a team that nearly half relocated to Melbourne from overseas. So, we’re here to help you move, whether it be for that new job, new partner, new life, new HOOD, or maybe that northside hipster scene is just calling your name.

Moving, Moved On

HOOD is moving, moved on. What do we mean by moved on? Well, we’re committed to finding the best solution to help people move and we’re making that happen by doing things differently than anything else that has been developed within the relocation space.

What used to fill your time when it came to moving in the past, ie. endless phone calls, emails, and quotes is now available whenever you need it, on Messenger, 24/7. Molly AI, our virtual agent, will organise your entire moving journey starting with providing instant, no-obligation quotes from our top-rated mover community who are ready to help you move. Molly is with you every step of the way.


What’s in store for the future of HOOD

Our dream is to give the world an easy, universal platform to move home stress-free. Be that planning a move from Ringwood to St. Kilda, London to Berlin, New York to Los Angeles, or from Mumbai to Melbourne. We believe down to our core that moving shouldn’t be any harder or more stressful than it needs to be. By creating Molly AI and pushing the technology boundaries we can change the perception around moving and make the world more mobile and accessible. We want to remove all the barriers we can so you can live your best life in your new HOOD.

“I see HOOD as the Airbnb of moving home in 5-6 years. HOOD works in cities all across the world but it is hyper-local-focused. Our core belief is that people want to connect to their new HOOD, find out what the locals do – where they eat, shop, party, so that we can find our community and we are only one move away from finding that new HOOD”
Tommy Fraser, CEO

Moving (and all the activities around it) is the one service we are focused on helping people with at the moment. The future holds the possibilities of real estate listings through to AI suburb matching and international relocation.

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