How Mission Australia Helped Paul Find Stability and Hope

Discover how Mission Australia provided support to Paul, a homeless youth, by providing him with permanent housing and job opportunities.

Paul, a 21-year-old from Darwin who grew up near Dubbo in Western NSW, arrived in Sydney as a teenager with his Aunty and Uncle. He had been homeless for the past four years due to his ongoing mental health issues, family breakdown, experiences of extreme physical violence and drug misuse.

Paul had a hard time engaging with services due to the complexity of his issues. But was eventually referred to a culturally appropriate youth service. The service offered him counselling, work experience and a cultural circle where he could further his understanding of his identity. After five months, he was able to find permanent social housing and a job opportunity.

Paul became so involved in his work and community that he was not aware of the correspondence regarding his rent arrears, which led to a possible eviction. When he approached his case manager, it was discovered that his rent arrears were due to his increased work hours, which changed the amount he needed to pay. Paul was overwhelmed and anxious, and with Christmas approaching, he couldn't pay his rent arrears.

Luckily, Mission Australia was able to provided assistance with donations from HOOD's connections, which helped Paul pay his rent arrears and keep his home. This support meant that Paul could travel to Dubbo for the Christmas period and remain employed and housed.

Mission Australia's HOOD program helped Paul find stability and hope in his life. He says he is grateful for the support provided to him by Mission Australia, which allowed him to stay in his home and continue to be a part of his community.

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*Names have been changed to protect identities


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