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A Guide to Electricity Usage Monitors in Australia

Did you know that power monitoring devices provide accurate data of your energy consumption? Read our blog to learn how monitoring devices benefit you.

What is an electricity usage monitor?

Are you looking for a way to reduce your electricity usage? Have you thought about installing an electricity monitoring system in your home to keep track of your electricity usage?
Electricity usage monitors are specifically engineered to record the exact amount of power that your home appliances consume in real-time. A truly accessible solution for any home, setting up an electricity meter doesn’t require a difficult installation process or expensive cost. Whether it’s to pinpoint which appliances demand the most power or to identify an issue with your home’s electrical system, an electrical meter is a cost-effective way to help you be more efficient with your energy usage.

How do you benefit from a power usage meter in your home?

The main purpose of setting up a power consumption meter in your home is to monitor your electricity usage and provide accurate data on your consumption patterns. The insights that you get from your meter readings should be a guide that helps you improve your home’s energy efficiency and save your electricity costs at the same time. Other than monitoring purposes, a power usage meter provides you with the following benefits:

  • Tracking your energy consumption habits (you can identify the best time to run certain appliances or replace your appliances with energy-efficient options).
  • Detecting issues within your electrical system.
  • Preventing electrical accidents or malfunctions with an alert system that immediately notifies you and your electrical provider.

How to Choose the Right Power Monitoring Device?

With so many available options, choosing a suitable device to monitor your energy usage can be overwhelming. However, each monitoring device has their own special features - keep reading to determine a device that suits your needs the best.

Different types of power monitoring devices

1.  Wireless electricity monitors

Wireless monitors are generally easy to set up and use, with a battery life that lasts up to 18 months. These devices are usually attached to your circuit breaker box. Upon installation, they will start transferring data about your energy use using smart Bluetooth technology.

2.  Online energy monitors

Online monitors rely on web-based platforms that are only accessible from a computer, smartphone or any other smart device. Compared to wireless monitors, online monitors offer accurate data and more comprehensive insights into your energy usage.

3.  Solar monitors

Even though solar monitors are typically used with solar panels, you can also pair a solar monitor with your home’s electrical system (if compatible). Specifically designed to track your energy efficiency and savings, the insights that you get from solar monitors are often more limited than their counterparts.

4.  Plug-in monitors

Plug-in monitors are an ideal option for tracking the energy consumption of small appliances such as lamps and heaters. Although they are portable and easy to install, plug-in monitors can only function when connected to a power outlet.

5.  3-phase power monitors

With the remarkable ability to monitor multiple circuits, 3-phase power monitors are more expensive and difficult to install than single-phase monitors. For this reason, 3-phase monitors are only found in public buildings and properties.

Other things to consider when choosing a power consumption meter that suits your needs

1.  The obtained data

Different devices provide different types of data, so you need to consider how much information you’d like to get from your monitoring device. Are you only looking to identify which appliances are consuming the most power? Are you looking to assess your energy consumption over a specific timeframe?

2.  Your budget

Although electricity monitoring devices are generally affordable, depending on the features and benefits, some devices may cost more than others. If you’re looking for a standard monitoring device that offers basic usage reading, a cheaper device will be sufficient for your needs. If you’re looking for a more thorough insight into your energy usage, then you probably need to increase your budget for a more advanced device.

3.  The allocated space to set up the meter

The placement of your monitor affects its ability to measure your usage accurately. Setting your device too close to other devices may cause interference in its performance.

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