COVID-19 Moving Guide: Keep Customers Safe

Amid COVID-19 restrictions & lockdowns, ensure your move is safe and stress-free with these key protocols from your moving company. #safetyfirst

With COVID-19 restrictions and new lockdown orders, it’s important to know what steps and strategies that you can follow to make sure your next move is conducted safely, smoothly, and with the least amount of stress possible. Listed below are some important safety protocols your moving company should initiate…if you haven’t already

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  1. Offer virtual quotes. This is a simple way to reduce contact while still allowing your customers to provide your team with all the information they need. HOOD provides virtual quotes to your customers by using our pricing configurator based on the information you provide in your price settings.

  2. Disinfect your equipment at the beginning and end of each day, as well as after each move.

  3. Stock all your trucks with hand sanitizer for the movers to use liberally throughout the move.

  4. Wear one-time use gloves for each move and disposes of the after

  5. Thoroughly wash hands and sanitize regularly before, during, and after each move. Ask your customers to provide access to soap and running water at all move locations, as it is essential that crew members are able to wash their hands throughout the progression of the move.

    Moving in Pandemic Covid-19

    Sanitize your items before and after packing

  6. Limit any unnecessary contact including customary traditions like greeting customers with a handshake.

  7. Keep your team updated with the Australian Department of Health advice on good hygiene and social distancing.

  8. Ask your customers to be prepared to leave their homes for the duration of the move after the initial walk-through is completed with the moving crew.

  9. Wear a mask. Only take off your mask while you are lifting and carrying furniture as the masks cause a safety hazard while performing physical exertion. (Customers should not be in the home at this time)

  10. Maintain a safe distance from customers as much as possible. Under normal circumstances, customers can sometimes assist with the handling of items to speed up the moving process. For now, advise your customers that it’s best to keep yourself at a safe distance to adhere to the 1.5m social distancing rule.

  11. Performing daily check-in screenings with employees. Instruct your team not to attend work if they have any symptoms of illness. Instead, anyone experiencing symptoms should be instructed to stay home and follow the Australian government protocols regarding self-isolating and testing.

  12. Offer to wipe down furniture and spaces after setting down furniture at delivery, as an additional precaution.

  13. Offer rescheduling, free of charge. If your customers need to cancel due to coronavirus-related circumstances, offer to reschedule your moving services to a later date for free.

  14. It’s also important to advise your customers of things to consider when they are planning a move during a pandemic. We’ve created a list of helpful considerations for homemovers here.


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