A Guide to Choosing the Best Energy- Efficient Heaters in Australia 2022

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The demand for energy- efficient appliances keeps increasing as an eco-friendly lifestyle becomes more prevalent. Energy- efficient heaters can help you get the most out of your heating and cooling system with minimal energy consumption. Without mindfulness, your heating needs can lead to hefty electricity bills or even cause damage to your property, especially during colder months. However, choosing the right energy-efficient heater for your home can be challenging, especially if you’re on a tight budget. Read our guide to learn the best ways to reduce your energy consumption and power bills while maintaining a comfortable temperature for your home.


Important factors in determining the best energy-saving heater for your space

Various things impact the energy efficiency of your heater, including the space in which it’s placed, the type of heater and the fuel it uses, and the use duration on average. Here are some significant factors that can help you decide on a heater that suits your needs the best.

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The Energy Rating

When comparing different heater models, the energy rating of each heater is usually a good starting point. Home appliances in Australia are always labelled with energy star ratings - more stars usually indicate higher efficiency rate of the appliance when you run them. In addition to the star ratings, you can also find an overall estimated energy consumption of the appliance over the period of one year. This number should form a rough idea of how much it will cost to run the appliance for a year.

Fuel Types

Although various fuel options are available for your heater, only some are energy efficient. For instance, solar-fuelled heaters are the most effective in producing heat at minimal cost and any CO2 emissions. Similarly, gas fuelled heaters are cost and energy efficient compared to most fuel options. As an extra alternative, you can consider solid fuel for its energy efficiency and low cost. However, some solid masses produce more greenhouse emissions than others, so prior research may be helpful here.

Your space

Different types of heaters are designed to suit different types of rooms. For instance, space heaters are usually used in bedrooms and living rooms while radiant heating systems are more commonly used in bathrooms. You should also consider the size of your space to determine the size of the heater - choosing one that’s too big for your room will simply be wasting unneeded energy and money.

The heating purpose

While choosing an energy efficient heater and sustainable fuel source is a good idea, you should also consider the purpose of your heating system. An energy efficient heater can become inefficient if it’s not appropriately used. For example, even though electric heaters consume the most energy compared to their other counterparts, they are the best option for large spaces that only need heating for a short time.

Alternative cost-effective ways to stay warm during winter

Optimise the heater’s control system

You can select an optimum temperature that consumes less energy while maintaining a comfortable temperature for your home at the same time. Most heaters allow you to set a certain period of time to operate your heater. For example, you can set a timer that automatically switches off your heater an hour after bedtime. In addition, some heaters are equipped with a smart function that measures the temperature of your room and switches off when necessary.

Upgrade your heating system

Old appliances aren’t designed to run as efficiently as new ones. If you have been using an old heater, switching to a newer model may be helpful to drain less power and energy during use.

Insulating your home

The insulation of your space impacts the need for heating your room with extra appliances. Placing an energy-efficient heater in a poorly insulated house is a fruitless attempt to conserve energy because you will always need more energy to heat your home. This is why it’s important to design and build a house with proper insulation for efficient heating in the future.

Investing in appliances and apparel with heating functions

Electric blankets are one of the most popular options to stay warm during the winter months. With accessible and user-friendly features, an electric blanket heats up quickly and keeps you comfortable without consuming too much energy. In addition to using an electric blanket, you can also wear multiple layers of clothing or even use HEATTECH clothing to keep yourself warm.

Connecting with reliable electricity providers

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