Electricity Providers for Small Businesses

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As a small business owner, every second of your time counts towards your business's success. With energy filling a large chunk of your bills and expenses, you'll want to ensure that the energy retailer you're with aligns with your needs and, most importantly, cost. Whether this means finding an electricity service provider that can help with urgent electricity connections or one that offers more benefits and discounts, finding your business's commercial energy company match is crucial. 

Finding the right energy provider for your business entails a more thorough and individual process when compared to powering your residential home. As all businesses will incur more considerable power uses, a majority of business energy companies will operate on a personalised basis with tailored rates based on your business's needs. These usage price negotiations will differ depending on a factor of things such as meter configuration, postcode, business tariff you're on, size of your business and more. 

As various business electricity providers will have different ways to understand exactly how your business uses its electricity, it's essential to shop around and find the right retailer to meet your needs and budget. To save time shopping around, we've compiled the top six business energy providers from 2022. 

Energy Australia

Energy Australia, one of Australia's most known energy providers, offers its business customers a similar range of services to its residential customers. Their Business Basic Plan offers a standard, variable rate with no exit fees or lock-in contracts. While their Business Balance Plan 24 is a variable-rate product with a two-year benefit period with no exit fees. Energy Australia's rate will vary depending on your location, so check their price fact sheets beforehand. 

AGL Energy

AGL Energy is a commercial electricity company that offers a Business Value Saver and Business Flexible Saver plan with available natural gas services.

AGL's Business Value Saver offers variable rates over a benefit period of 12 months. This plan has no exit fees; however, customers will have to agree to an e-billing method to be eligible. In comparison, AGL's Business Flexible Saver plan is an energy deal that comes with variable rates and works over a 30-day payment cycle. This plan also provides an ongoing contract with no exit fees and flexible payment offerings. 

Alinta Energy

If you're a small to medium-sized business in NSW, VIC, QLD or SA, Alinta Energy's range includes gas and electricity for your business. For small to medium companies in WA, Alinta Energy can also supply dual fuel, which includes gas. 

Featuring a business deal plan with straightforward and low rates, Alinta Energy's decision to remove any conditional discounts or bill credits evens out when you look towards their consistent performance. Their business deals are available on a single rate or time-of-use tariff with the added options for the controlled load if applicable to your business. 

Alinta Energy also offers no exit fees or lock-in contracts and comes with flexible payment options. However, one of the most valuable points for Alinta Energy is the Qantas business deal incorporated into their plans. This allows business customers to earn 3 Qantas points for every $1 spent on electricity and gas (only applies when ABN matches your Qantas business rewards membership). 

Red Energy

Red Energy is another business electricity and gas provider whose plan mirrors their residential services. With two business plans on offer, your business can benefit from earning Qantas points or stick with its standard plan.

Red Business Saver is Red Energy's standard plan and comes with no exit fees or contract terms for business electricity and gas. It also has flexible payment options and a solar plan option that offers a higher feed-in tariff. However, their Red Solar Business Saver is only available to NSW business customers. 

Their Qantas Business Red Saver allows your business to earn 2 points per $1 spent on electricity for your business and an added 10,000-point bonus on initial sign-up. If you decide to bundle your gas together with electricity, you can earn an additional 5,000 points. Red Energy also offers a second option within this plan, called Qantas Red Business Plan, which offers 3 points per $1 and 15,000 points on your initial startup. 

Origin Energy

Origin Energy offers three different small business electricity plans. One of these plans provides a fixed rate, while the other offers a variable rate across a benefit period of a year. 

Origin Business Go is a product plan that gives small business owners a guaranteed discount on their electricity bill and a benefit period of 12 months. This plan also comes with no lock-in contract or exit fees, including fees when switching plans. 

Origin’s two other electricity plans for businesses is Origin Business Basic, which is suited for companies who want a no-fuss electricity plan with little to no maintenance. The compromise is that you'll receive no discount on the reference price/VDO. Finally, Origin Business Go Variable has a variable rate on a 12-month benefit period. This plan also comes with no lock-in contract or exit fees. 


Synergy, a sole Perth energy provider, has three small business electricity plans, each with a unique selling point for businesses, including discounts for bundled natural gas services. 

Synergy's Business Saver has a variable two-year contract and offers a small discount for those that opt for paperless billing. Businesses also have the convenience of setting up their account online and paying by direct debit. 

Their Business Flexi plan has a variable rate for customers when signing up for a two-year contract and are 'rewarded the best rate’ for their business. 

Synergy's final business electricity plan is the Business Flexi Plus, which is almost identical to their Business Flexi plan. However, this plan offers lower rates during the middle of the day for those connected to a flexible pricing tariff. 

Which Provider is the Right Match For Your Business? 

Whether you're looking to compare your current rates or want to take advantage of the various sign-up discounts shopping around to find the right small business electricity plan is always a great option to ensure you find a deal that aligns with your business. 

While staying on top of your business' electricity is a timely and burdensome process, your business and financials will benefit in the long run. Making sure that you find a commercial electricity company that can meet your business's electrical connection needs is paramount to the success of your small business and will take a huge weight off your shoulders. If you want to find the right deal that aligns with your business, even if you think you're already on a good deal, utilise HOOD's services to find your business's perfect provider match. Contact us with your inquiry, and our team will help you as soon as possible.


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