Let your thumbs do the talking! The HOOD chatbot

HOOD's new chatbot is dedicated to saving your time and effort, making moving and connecting utilities as easy as possible. Try it out today.

Ask any mover, and they’ll tell you one of the most stressful parts of moving is preparation and planning. That is time-consuming and involves a lot of effort. HOOD’s new chatbot is dedicated to saving movers both time and effort to make moving as easy as possible. 

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With HOOD’s charming virtual assistant, you can save glorious hours talking to call centres (worth mentioning most of them based overseas) over the phone or in-app chats. No app download from play store or app store required anymore.  Every HOOD user can now easily connect with the Australian’s market-leading Energy company on Facebook Messenger.

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Hang up the phone and let our chatbot help you connect to the Australia’s market-leading energy companies.

Just start typing your moving details and relevant suggestions will appear automatically in seconds. It means in other words, no long waiting time. Studies show that “60% of customers feel that waiting on hold for even one minute is too long. As a user, you will enjoy conversing with our chatbot.


Useful support during your move

Best of all, when you’re preparing to move, you only need to enter your moving date into HOOD’s messenger, and we’ll use that info to remind you of every important task. From simply alerting to forward mail to providing the weather forecast. In preparation for your move, we also remind you to:

  1. Forward Mail – providing the link to Australian Post Office
  2. Budget your move – book movers 
  3. Start packing – how many moving boxes do I need? How much will everything cost?
  4. Sharing essential moving tips prior to moving day
  5. The weather forecast for your new hood
  6. Reminder –  Make sure that nothing slips through the cracks mobile chatbot - easy way to connect electricity and gas in Facebook Messenger

Either you need to organise your move 8 weeks or one day prior to moving day. HOOD’s reminders feature makes sure that nothing slips through the crack.

With HOOD, you will remove all those tons of apps. Our chatbot will ease the stresses of life during your move. We understand that preparing for a move sucks. HOOD is there to answer any questions to guide the user through the moving process. Let your thumbs do the talking and start your move now!


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