Announcing how you can support local businesses with HOOD’s new search feature

When you are moving home, chances are you have been to the suburb a few times. But living and becoming a local in a n

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Moving to Sydney, one of the most relaxing cities in the world

So, you're moving to Sydney! Already excited? Yeah, you must be! I remember the first time I went together with my fa


Let your thumbs do the talking! The HOOD chatbot

Ask any mover, and they'll tell you one of the most stressful parts of moving is preparation and planning. That is ti

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GUIDE TO MOVING IN A COVID-19 WORLD: Safety Measures for Your Customers & Employees

With COVID-19 restrictions and new lockdown orders, it’s important to know what steps and strategies that you can fo

COVID-19,Tips & Guides

What to Consider if You’re Moving During a Pandemic

The effects of the Coronavirus pandemic has affected Melburnians in many ways and brought about many tough relocation


Hello Melbourne! The Moving Platform of the Future

We're here to help you move Like all cities around the world, Melbourne is facing a challenging time throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. What


Moving During the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Message About COVID-19 Updated August 5, 2020

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5 Tips for Keeping Your Cool During a Move

The notion of moving all of your worldly possessions across the country, or even the city, can feel like a daunting task to undertake. I

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Taking the Plunge: Tips For Buying Your First Home

Guest Article by Andrea Paskert with @AffordableATX I kicked open the purple door of the house, as my hands clenched boxes containing my b


How HOOD Can Reduce the Pains of Moving Home

Moving can be stressful. HOOD's vision is to create a global marketplace and chatbot assistant to make the process of the moving home more e