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Many homeowners are looking to support locally grown businesses. While most consider this critical when choosing retail and eCommerce businesses, some are extending these morals to their power companies. Currently, Australia has more than 40 electricity retailers, but as some of their names might suggest, i.e. Energy Australia, not all of these providers are Australian-owned. 

While this won't apply to states where the power grid is government-owned, providers are, therefore, Australian-run (WA and regional QLD). The rest of the country will be exposed to a mixture of internationally-run companies and Australian-owned companies. 

If you want the morally uplifting idea that your electricity provider is helping to support your country's domestic economy and job stability, it's essential to know which energy companies are not just based in Australia but owned here too. This guide will identify the Australian-owned companies to support your home’s electricity connection


Why Choose an Australian-owned Power Provider? 

Other than the peace of mind that your provider is helping to benefit the Australian economy, choosing a local provider can create a more understanding relationship between you and your retailer. 

The main benefit of choosing an Australian energy retailer is an obvious one; the support they pose for our economy. As mentioned briefly, choosing an Australian-owned energy business can see more Australian-based jobs created for people in your own city, as well as the further development and innovation of Australian power sources. All factors which will generate more revenue that centres on Australians. 

The secondary benefit most individuals will gain from choosing an Australian-owned energy company is the improved service from call centres. International call centres have been a troublesome issue surrounding energy providers for years. Choosing an Australian energy provider with an Australian-based call centre creates a simpler customer experience and can make problem-solving issues more accessible for everyone. This explains why Australian-owned energy providers always sit comfortably in front of the pack regarding reviews. 


Australian-Owned Energy Companies 

The following list outlines the currently fully Australian-owned energy companies across the country. 


Sumo is Australian-based and owned and has been operating in Melbourne since 2015. They offer gas, electricity and broadband services across NSW, VIC and southeast Queensland. Sumo offers an Australian call centre, flexible plans, no lock-in contracts, competitive pricing and solar feed-in tariff. 


Amber was founded in 2017 to provide renewable energy more accessible to energy consumers. Amber operates in VIC, NSW, SA and QLD and offers to buy power directly from the wholesale market. With an app to manage power purchasing, green power is available with no flat range and solar feed-in tariff. 

Aurora Energy

Aurora Energy is a Tasmanian government-owned electricity retailer. They've been serving Tasmania since 1998 and offer flexible plans, green power, an app to manage bills, flexible payment options and solar feed-in tariff. 

Enova Energy

Enova Energy is a community-owned retailer founded in 2016 in Byron Bay. Enova Energy aims to reinvest a portion of its profits into the community and offers household energy to NSW and southeast QLD residents. They offer no lock-in contact, flexible billing, green power and solar feed-in tariff. 

GloBird Energy

GloBird is an Australian-based and owned energy company established in Melbourne in 2014 and supplies energy to NSW, VIC and SA. They offer no lock-in contacts, a local call centre and a solar feed-in tariff. 

Locality Planning Energy

Locality Planning Energy (LPE) has a call centre based in QLD and an office on the Sunshine Coast. LPE have been supplying NSW and southeast QLD with power services since 2010. They offer no lock-in or exit fees, flexible payment and plan options, green power and solar feed-in tariff. 

Bright Spark Power

Bright Spark Power is based in Sydney and has provided energy supplies to NSW and southeast QLD since 2016. They offer a solar feed-in tariff, no connection fee and have a smart meter available. 

Discover Energy

Discover Energy is a locally owned provider based in Sydney and has been providing energy to NSW and southeast QLD since 2018. They offer green power, a mobile app for payment, smart home integration, a solar feed-in tariff and a virtual power plant integration. 


CovaU has been supplying VIC and NSW customers with power since 2011 and is based in Sydney. They offer a 24-hour customer service line, no lock-in contracts, green power available, a solar feed-in tariff and a referral scheme. 

Energy Locals 

Energy Locals have provided southeast QLD, NSW, VIC, SA and ACT since 2015. Based in Melbourne, they offer carbon-neutral energy, no lock-in or exit fees, a solar feed-in tariff and pay wholesale rates plus a membership fee. 

Momentum Energy

Momentum Energy has been Australian-owned since 2002, under its parent company Hydro Tasmania. They have call centres based in VIC and TAS selling energy services to VIC, NSW, SA, ACT and southeast QLD. Momentum Energy provides flexible plans, no lock-in contracts, flexible payment options and a solar feed-in tariff. 

Lumo Energy 

Lumo Energy has been servicing VIC and SA since 2002. They're based in Melbourne and are a subsidiary of Snowy Hydro. Lumo Energy offers no exit fees, flexible billing options, no connection or disconnection fees and a solar feed-in tariff. 

Elysian Energy

Elysian Energy was established in 2017 and they're based in Melbourne and run an Australian-based call centre. Elysian Energy operates in NSW, VIC, SA and southeast QLD and provides no lock-in contracts or exit fees, a solar feed-in tariff, standard agreements and the option to pay for your energy in advance. 

Red Energy

Red Energy has been operating in VIC, NSW, SA and southeast QLD since 2004, with an office based in Melbourne. Red Energy offers options for EV owners, flexible payment options, no lock-in contracts, a solar feed-in tariff and bonus Qantas points. 

1st Energy

1st energy has been operating in NSW, VIC, TAS, SA and southeast QLD since 2014. They offer no credit card fees, no exit fees and a solar feed-in tariff. 

Future X Power

Future X Power has been operating since 2014 and is based in Brisbane, providing energy services to NSW and southeast QLD. They offer no lock-in contracts, a solar feed-in tariff and flexible billing options. 

Radian Energy

Radian Energy provides electricity to customers in NSW, ACT and south east QLD. They're based in Brisbane and offer no lock-in contracts, a consistent plan rate, an unlimited benefit period and supply net-zero emission energy. 


QEnergy is a privately-owned Australian energy retailer. They're based in Brisbane and provide services to NSW, NT, SA and southeast QLD. QEnergy provides no lock-in contracts, no credit card fees and a solar feed-in tariff. 

Rimfire Energy

Rimfire Energy was founded in 2014 and is based in Darwin. They supply energy and solar services exclusively to NT customers, offering flexible plans, smart meter installations and a solar feed-in tariff. 

Jacana Energy

Jacana Energy is an energy retailer owned by the NT government. They're based in Darwin and have been providing services solely to NT customers since 2014. Jacana Energy offers payment plans, flexible plans, concession rates and a solar feed-in tariff. 


Synergy is a Perth-based energy retailer run by WA's government. Founded in 2006, they provide services exclusively to WA customers and offer flexible plans, concession rates, green power services and a solar feed-in tariff. 

Ergon Energy 

Ergon Energy is another government-state-owned energy provider. They were established in 1999 and are based in Townsville, providing energy services exclusively to regional QLD customers. Ergon Energy offers a range of plans, EV home charging plans, green power sources and a solar feed-in tariff. 

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