You can now move with over 50 removalists with HOOD!

HOOD is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with 50 Australian removalists! Including Jim's Removals, Monadic Removals, In and Out Removalist and more!

HOOD is proud to announce that we’ve partnered with 50 removalists in Australia!

Over the past few months, we’ve been working hard to onboard moving companies and removalists to expand our moving platform and deliver on the services we’re able to offer our customers. As of June 2022, we’re happy to announce that HOOD customers will have access to more than 50 different moving partners across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland through our movetech platform

“This is a huge achievement for HOOD, especially our commercial team,” says Tommy Fraser, HOOD CEO.

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“We’re all about making the moving house experience seamless, and we’re delivering a moving platform to allow families, singles and friends to move in one experience. In some ways it’s a small step, but 50 removalist partners means we’re a competitive solution to find moving companies that suit your needs, and to be able to book them on the fly, during that stressful moving experience or nice and early if you are super organised.”

Some of our new partners include:

  • Jim’s Removals (VIC)
  • Melbourne Cheap Removals (VIC)
  • Monadic Removals (VIC)
  • In and Out Removalist (NSW)
  • Toucan Removals & Storage (QLD)

HOOD’s moving solutions are available via the HOOD Platform and accessible via the website and chatbot or through our helpful team over the phone on 1800 242 824.

Fraser continues, “Our HOOD chatbot is able to figure out the type of help you need, collate information about moving partners in your area including a real-world cost and facilitate a booking in less than five minutes. That’s a task that used to take hours, multiple phone calls, numbers scribbled down on scrap paper. The HOOD chatbot gets rid of all of that.”

Maggie Zhang, Commercial Manager at HOOD, says she’s encouraged by the reception HOOD has had in the industry so far, “It’s amazing how open our moving partners have been to a new solution to help connect movers with their services. Many of them have worked with moving aggregators in the past, but they’ve come to see that HOOD is different pretty quickly.

“We were in a unique position because we already have customers asking us for help with their moves on top of their utilities connections, so from day 1 we had leads to send to our partners.”

Moving with HOOD also does some good for Australia - for every energy connection completed through HOOD’s chatbot, we donate $50 to Mission Australia, an organisation which uses that money to help vulnerable Australian families and individuals find safe and permanent accommodation.


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