HOOD and Mission Australia partner to help vulnerable families find permanent housing

HOOD is proud to announce our partnership with Mission Australia – an integrated nationwide service that helps people find safe and afford


Disconnecting and reconnecting electricity when moving

Moving home? However long your to-do list may be— packing, repacking, arranging the dates with the moving company — there’s one more t

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Melbourne’s best streets to see Christmas lights in 2021

Looking for the best neighbourhoods and streets to find impressive light displays this Christmas? Here’s HOOD’s Melbourne guide for 2021

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Fridges, lawnmowers & more: your guide to moving awkward items

Moving fridges, washing machines and other awkward items involves more than just good lifting form. Whether you're doing it all yourself or

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Moving house with kids – HOOD’s top 10 tips

Moving can be stressful for even the toughest and most experienced mover; but kids bring a whole different dimension to things. A good to-

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How to make sense of your electricity bill

At first glance, your electricity bill can seem confusing.  However, this doesn’t have to be the case.  At HOOD, we want to make readi